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EAT Gallery features jewelry created by artisans from across America and natural pieces found all over the world. All items are one-of-a-kind Exquisite Art Treasures.

Our wide selection of jewelry includes amazing gemstones, pearls, precious metals, and more. We carry everything from die-cast engagement rings, to Akoya Pearls, to handmade sterling silver pendants. There is no shortage of beautiful pieces to catch the eye!

We also showcase an incredible array of hand carvings in stone. One piece, portraying a family of Iguanas, took 250 days to complete and weighs in excess of 100 lbs! All around the gallery you will find sparkling mineral specimens of Citrine and Amethyst from the mines of South America, large corals from the depths of the ocean, and ancient fossils from the Atlas mountains of Morocco. Look in another area and who knows what you may discover! There is something for everyone here at EAT Gallery…come see for yourself!

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