About Us

EAT Gallery opened its doors during the 2006 Rosemary Clooney Festival and has become a destination store for Maysville residents and visitors alike. The gallery showcases unique hand- crafted jewelry by artisans from around the world displayed alongside mineral specimens, natural stone carvings, framed butterflies, local art and a host of other treasures that celebrate the wonders of nature and earth. 

Longtime Maysville residents know the building used to be the home of Morgan’s diner. When Simon first visited Maysville in 1991, the first place he was taken was Morgan’s and the diner left an indelible impression. The iconic neon “EAT” sign on the front of the building was refurbished to help preserve the history of downtown and was the inspiration for the gallery’s name Exquisite Art Treasures.
In 2019, EAT Gallery was named the 'Coolest Store in America' by INSTORE Magazine.  
EAT Gallery named INStore Magazine Coolest store in America