Dream Temple

By North American Gem Carvers

$ 10,500.00

Michael Christie - Dream Temple - Bottle - Brazilian aquamarine, 68.8 cts.  Dipper/Pendant - Australian opal top, 3.15 cts., with natural watermelon tourmaline crystal dipper, 1.2 cts.

Accent Stones - Removable emerald earrings, 0.80 cts.  Earring backs in compartment underneath aquamarine. Accents - Sapphire cabochons, 0.40 cts., and 14 k gold.

Base - Russian White jadeite, 245 cts. 

Internal Carving of temple by Susan Allen in bottle which tilts back on jeweled gold hinge. Comes apart to form separate pieces of wearable jewelry.  363.5 total cts. 

H: 72 mm x W: 63 mm x D: 36 mm