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Welcome to the Gallery - Episode 7

This week we are looking at pearl jewelry and more specifically pieces that include both pearls and gemstones or pearl strands that have additional elements.  Adding gemstone beads or gold/silver 'elements' are a great way to dress up or modernize a strand of pearls.  Now do not get me wrong... I LOVE a great strand of pearls!  BUT sometimes it is fun to mix it up a bit.  

In the video I show off a few mid-range priced pearl pieces that we made in-house!  Earrings include beautiful fireball pearls with green beryl, golden south sea pearls with moonstones and white pearls with pink coral!  And four necklaces with pearls, onyx, garnets, moonstones and gold circle elements!  

 Click here to view some of our pearl jewelry.  And as always if you see something in the video that is not on the website or you would like more information please send me a message!  

 Till next time!


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