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Welcome to the Gallery - Episode 6

Welcome to the Gallery - Episode 6

Often times people will ask on their first venture into the gallery if any of the jewelry is locally made.....  I am always excited to tell them that the bead and pearl jewelry is made right here in the gallery!!!!  

We combine cool and easy to use clasps (silver, gold, magnetic, toggle, etc..) with interesting gemstone beads we find when scouring the gem shows!  

This video features two multi-strand necklaces.  One with pink sapphire & aquamarine and the other peridot and aquamarine.  The single strand necklace is jaz cut bi-colored tourmaline and they are spaced with red spinel beads.  And one of my FAVORITE pieces I have created is this amazing 5-strand tourmaline bracelet!  It comes on a slide magnetic clasp and features a rainbow of beautifully cut tourmaline beads.  It is literally candy for your arm!!!!

Here are links to more pictures and info on the pieces:

Pink Sapphire & Aquamarine Necklace

Peridot & Aquamarine Necklace

Tourmaline & Spinel Necklace

Multi-color Tourmaline Bracelet

 As always if you have any questions please send me a note or give me a call!  

Till next time!


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